Welcome to Alicia’s Word Press!

This is the beginning of my way of communicating with the Garifuna community.  I am not the best speaker, however, I relay information best in written form.

As you may all know, writing has taken over my world.  Ever since my parents passed away, it was then that my writing passion was birthed.  I am blessed to be able to share my thoughts, and the intimacy of our Garifuna with you.

My book of poetry, “Drumming the Beat to our Emotions”  is clear evidence of my history in writing.  By which it can be bought in most websites.  Further evidence of my written work is my soon to be released Garifuna music, consisting of the genres Paranda and Hungunhugu.

So, you are probably wondering, why Garifuna, why a different website, why relationships, and why love?  I felt like I needed a stage that would centralize my body of work.  It will also facilitate your searches of the different topics of discussion that will be addressed.

Alicia’s site remains under construction, feel free to interact with me, leave me messages as necessary.  If you have a topic of choice that you would love to be addressed.  I will be awaiting your suggestions and comments!

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