Human Rights Abuse at its Best

It is sad to see caravans of people escaping the country that many of us came from, Honduras. Being attacked with toxic gases and physically being succumbed to torture in many form as they make their way into the U.S. Whose to know what else will come behind all of this? How will be respond? What other countries will follow in its step? How will the U.S. government react? Where will the United Nations be in all of this?

It is sad to see that it had to take thousands to come in a lump sum, so that finally it hits home, to the many governmental bodies who have been ignoring the Honduran cry, for human right violations. Trust that in all Central and South America it is similarly the same.

While many crossed individually through the many decades and centuries through barricades and borders, with similar complaints no governmental bodies reacted, nor listened.

Human rights are continuously being abused in Honduras, while Garifuna had been targeted for decades on end. Even to the point of wanting to change the Garifuna name to Afro this and Afro that granted that monetary involvement was high. No governmental assistance nor monies trickled into the territory of the Blacks (Garifuna) in the coastal regions of Honduras; now apparently not even to its inner city inhabitants are they loyal. When many years prior it used to be more of a unilateral nature . Now it is more of an evenly distributed effect throughout the country.

The question beating me now is, where does the money go? Drugs, governmental usage only, their homes, families, employment for their own, abuse of power? Many people would love to see that President Trump take away the aide to Honduras, because it is only then that the country will really see what happens to the government of Honduras.

Garifuna escaped in multitudes with their own efforts just the same. Hence, Garifuna managed to accumulate in large numbers in the states of New York, Texas, Florida, and Louisiana primarily. While others migrated into Spain, and other parts of Europe.

It is ok to probably say it’s due to some political people’s revenge or possible karma for a country that has been abusive against its own people allowing them to live on their own, fend for themselves, literally govern themselves exploitation, with eroded roads leading into their towns because of simple melanin that God gave them.

As Garifuna we can say, we have been there, we can say we have been exiled, for the primary reason being melanin, but not auto-exiled as today’s people who evacuated Honduras in great numbers. Garifuna have pushed forward, and continue to push forward. Therefore, as Garifuna we understand clearly the nature and outcome of abusive power even within the country that has allowed us to mature in our ways, and become self-sufficient and prosper beyond that.

We are not saying that we are better than others, hence we say, the abusive acts upon us over the years for the mere fact of melanin, have taught us valuable lessons that have made us last within the struggle. This caravan is not melanin related, however we are hoping that this too shall be a lesson to the world, and to be able to listen to one another. No one group of people is better than the other! We are simple humans that deserve simple human rights no matter where we are found in any part of the world.

Mirta Alicia Castillo

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