Hello Everyone!

Many of you may have heard about Alicia through the course of these past couple of years.  If you haven’t then allow me to share a little bit about me, so that you may get acquainted with my body of work.  I was born into the Garifuna culture in Honduras.  My roots are a combination of African, Caribbean and Arawak, originating from the islands of Yurumein St. Vincent.  My root combination is also as complex as the languages I speak as well.  I speak the languages of Garifuna, English and Spanish.

I began writing on Facebook through the GarifunaTv Page since 2011 to date.  Through this time period, I have become an author to the book of poetry titled “Drumming the Beat to our Emotions”  Through writing I am also quickly moving into the Garifuna music scene.  I will be realeasing my music prior to the ending of 2018, stay tuned!

My writing has become part of my everyday existence, I might as well make it official through this website on an on-going basis.  I am hoping we can engage together through this site as well.

I thank everyone beforehand for your interest in my writing and for the mere curiosity of visiting my page!  Thank you!