Getting to Know Alicia AKA Mirta Alicia Castillo

A very simple woman with trails of accomplishments in her life.  Born into the Garifuna culture in La Ensenada Honduras, and the struggle of her parents, made her the well-rounded woman that she has become.

Primarily, her belief in God and that He is the enabler of all possibilities in her life it’s what keeps her faith firm.  Alicia was raised in the Christian faith.  A true believer that introducing God in the early ages of childhood it’s the savior of a big mess of one’s life in the latter years of adulthood.

As a Garifuna Alicia has accomplished a few milestones, with many more to come in the future.  Her academic accomplishment was in the healthcare field, earning her Bachelor degree in nursing.  Although nursing was her career, and loved it, something else was lacking.  As both of her parents passed away in 2010, coupled with her tenured marriage ending in divorce, she simply couldn’t bear the gruesome pain.  The best way she found in dealing with it was grabbing her pen and paper to speaki of her pain.  Through stories, poems, and cultural involvement.

It was until then, that life was once again interesting, and grief lifted allowing for the understanding of the losses that she was succumbed to.  Turning to God and turning to self.  Taking care of herself, her spirit emotions, healing, and getting over was now precedence.

Alicia is grateful to GarifunaTv Page staff and followers who on Facebook because it was the cushion that absorbed her tears.  Tears that has made her overcome, and has made her the writer that she is today.  The poet and author of “Drumming the Beat to Our Emotions”  The newly discovered Garifuna singer who used to listen to mom sing away her Paranda songs.  Today, Alicia is Garifuna songwriter, a singer surfacing through life’s beat downs.

Cultural involvement was the awakening phase.  We need people in our lives.  This awakening is also fulfilling, it is then that one realizes that being enclosed and to self is not so much fun as being gathered with a group of people seeking the same feeling.  It is then that you want to help someone else other than yourself.  Similar stories of injustice from our Garifuna upbringing comes to light, and the urge to want to make a change from being oppressed in Central America.

The bottom line behind Alicia’s writing stems from a lesson learned.  The awakening from a sleeping phase, to one that requires time, attention, involvement, and that story that needs to be told.  Be it of a personal nature, through poetry, song, current events in the Garifuna community or outside thereof, Alicia has awakened!  She is grateful to the voices of God and the Garifuna ancestors for this awakening!  It is now that Alicia is equipped.  Welcome to Alicia’s awakening!


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